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Install IBM Containers plugin@Windows

Ref: Install IBM Container plugin@Step3

Install CloudFoundry@Windows

  1. Click download Windows 64 bit
  2. Unzip and Run
  3. Verify by
$ cf plugins

Change Language Setting

If your Windows are running on Traditional Chinese version, you need to change to English to make installation success.

Windows -> Control Panel -> Locale and Language


Install IBM plug-in

Instead of using the depreciated IBM® Containers Extension (ice), use the Cloud Foundry plug-in for IBM Containers after 2016-Jan.

Install the IBM Containers Cloud Foundry plug-in download for your operating system by running one of the following commands.

Table 1. Cloud Foundry plug in commands
Operating System Command
Windows 64-bit

When the installation completes, an OK message is displayed.Verify the plug-in installation

Verify the plug-in installation

C:> cf plugins

Listing Installed Plugins…

Plugin Name Version Command Name Command Help
IBM-Containers 0.8.826 ic IBM Containers plug-in

Logging in through CLI

Run Docker Quickstart

Windows -> Docker Quickstart Terminal

Log in to Bluemix through the Cloud Foundry CLI

$ cf login -a
  1. For Email, enter the IBM ID that you use to log in to Bluemix.
  2. For Password, enter the password for the IBM ID that you use to log in to Bluemix. By entering your user name and password, your Bluemix organization and space are retrieved.
  3. Enter the number that represents one of your Bluemix organizations.
  4. Enter the number that represents one of your Bluemix spaces

Log in to the IBM Container service

$ cf ic login





Find and Pull Luigi

Pull the Louigi image on DockerHub

Login DockerHub and search image


Click filter and click detail to make sure the prefer image.


Pull the image

$ docker pull akursar/luigid
Using default tag: latest

Verify by running locally

$ docker run -d -p 8082:8082 --name lcd akursar/luigid

Verify Docker ip

$ ifconfig docker
docker0 Link encap:Ethernet HWaddr 02:XX:XX:XX:XX:e0 
 inet addr: Bcast: Mask:

Access through browser

In your browser, access

Stop local containers

$ docker stop lcd
$ docker rm lcd



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