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Marketplace Platform as a Service

Ref: PaaS@wiki

The Marketplace Platform as a  Service, mkPaaS, is a model of PaaS. It is the model what my personal needs for daily operation. The mkPaaS not only allowing joint party develop, run, and manage applications, but also  allow them selling or buying service in this marketplace. Trading parties may exchanging software or service like appstore on mkPaaS, not only product, the platform also provides integrated and configurable multi-layer service.

I believe Docker  will change ecosystem of cloud . The software market would be restructure, allow software and service supply chain integrate to demand side. The boundary of  frontend and backend will become vaguer, because multiple layer microservices model come true. I believe the Coase viewpoint in new institutional economics , I think the market segment will changed when transactional cost rapid decline soon.

The mkPaaS would become the only form of PaaS, major form of software market, and the  final form of service market. Because the property owner of software or service could represent himself when transaction cost approach zero, the market have no boundary to those individual household. There are many opportunity left to parties who provide integration service on the marketplace platform, that’s  the 3rd party managed PaaS.


The mkPaaS, will own by the one who trying to engage customer and supplier in minimum transaction cost. The price signal would clear to drive supply and demand make their decision.

The lifecycle of this arena should similar as product. At first cycle, some quick win service provider will become frontier. They should be the easy replicable role model because it is the critical marketing strategy of mkPaaS vendor. Only few winner in first cycle would  survive in next cycle when they found their strength is two sides of the same picture.

PowerPoint Slide Show - [je-docker-v1.jpg

The second cycle will come before first decline stage happen because who work hard at first cycle and lesson learnt. They will success due to  introduced new architectural pattern. The mkPaaS vendor who partner with those winner would be dominator in next decades because the allies will build an intelligent software demand/supply chain.


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